Know Yourself..

I’m sure college has exposed us all to another level of awareness, I’ve learned so much about myself that I would have never dreamed years ago. But I don’t think nothing grinds my gears more than how careless other people are about their bodies. As we are all learning, having fun, getting drunk at the club then going home to whomever, let’s please not forget what’s important! The most important thing to me is ME and my temple! God blessed us all with one body only, and it hurts my soul that people are so nonchalant of all the horrible things that can screw us up. Now, before this gets too deep let me first say that high school, and mainly college are the most disgusting sexually active places in the world. I hate to take it there but GUYS in particular are disgusting and bitches don’t care because they “in love”. Get the fuck out of here! Ladies if you plan on being sexually active with a guy that’s in college, that’s not your boyfriend but he promise one day yall gone be together, aint got no job, don’t text you back, only call you to chill, want to have sex but don’t want to take you on a real date ass nigga then that’s fine, whatever floats your boat! Just make sure your using protection (not birth control that protects pregnancy, but protection that protects that package) because you gone be more hurt when he pass you that CLAP he caught from Taquanisha in the Villages (Vice Versa). But you couldn’t even be mad though because he aint yo man, and yall didn’t get tested!

But that’s not even what blows me the most, what really gets under my skin is the shit you can get from not even being sexually active. I noticed ALOT in college that people get close and start to think they real sisters and brothers. Lol, I need 50 feet! I’ve been in millions of situations where I’m standing on the outside looking in, and people think it’s okay to eat or drink off they friend. Like we’re in college! Did they not teach yall you can get HERPES from lip contact, and you got the nerve to be drinking off yo home girl straw, when I’m pretty sure she went home with Deandre, and only God knows where he had her mouth!!!!! People be so dirty I can’t even smoke a blunt with certain people because I’m just really not sure what they ass be on. Yall better wake up and protect yourselves. & when I said real sisters and brothers that was a metaphor! You can’t eat or drink off they ass either!

StoryTime: This guy was courting me down at school, we were at the club on a Thursday, and I turned around and that motherfucker was tonging some girl down for everybody to see, then had the nerve to text me after talking about what I’m doing. And yall know what these niggas be on, if I would have feed into his BS and let him come over he would have been trying to kiss me, and wouldn’t have mentioned he was just kissing shorty at the club, but god showed me what was real! I don’t even look at his ass the same. But that goes to show that the girl who he was kissing doesn’t know who she messing with, and that’s the worst position to be in. Saying this to say ladies and gentlemen protect your bodies, know who you messing with, and stop using your home girl lip gloss because it’s more than lip gloss coming out that bih! Know your status, and know that if you have to share the guy you’re with then it’s not worth it, because it’s someone out there that will love you and only you. Also, thank God that most of the infections out here are curable and you can eventually forgive yourself, and the other person and move on… and let’s not bash the young women out here having unprotected sex getting pregnant because she’s LUCKY she got a baby instead of something you can’t get rid of. It was said that FAMU alone has more than 50 people that tested positive for HIV so be careful, get tested, stay with one person, and know yourself.

SN: Ladies it is time to forget about that nigga that just wanna lay up with you, have sex then wake up in the morning and eat your food. Don’t be that STOOPID girl that keep letting her guy leave and come back because he apologized and said he won’t do it again. That’s not a ride or die, that’s a goofy riding for a nigga that already executed her ass. That’s weak bitch tendencies, you’re weak! Respect and love yourself enough to let it go, and move on. & Remember, you will not go far if you continue to give your “BOYfriend” husband treatment and he not your husband… lol you washing his clothes, cooking for him, throwing it back, just all type of insane shit, then can’t figure out why he keep leaving, or left. But girl think about it… what else do he have to work for if you gave him everything? You gotta keep them wanting more. Its 2015 yall its time to SPARTAN up.

Click the link below for more tips on how to not be a basic bitch, and channel your inner Spartan.

Peace, Love, and Protection

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