Female Energy

I haven’t had time to do anything since I started my internship, but sometimes I feel like I’m abandoning my beloved blog! Lol, so lately I’ve been listening to this Willow Smith song NONSTOP! because it speaks volumes to me. Her voice is so soft and she’s actually talking about relevant shit, its just overall amazing. In this song she sings “Its really out of my control, how you feel is not my problem” I love these lyrics because I often find myself stressing about other people feelings, but not my own. Every encounter I have with an individual there I am blowing how I feel under the mat, and caring too much about the other persons feelings. BUT ITS REALLY OUT OF MY CONTROL! HOW YOU FEEL IS NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM! No longer am I allowing myself to hide my feelings to save someone else’s hurt. I swear people wake up and think the world owes them something, but not me baby! I don’t owe nobody shit, but I owe myself everything. She continues to sing “You gone do what you gotta do, But what I do is not your problem.” This is for all the shit talking, petty mother fuckers that’s always in they feelings, always complaining, and mad everyday of they life when stuff not going they way…. I do what I want to do, and I will never apologize for doing whats best for me. Therefore, what I do is not your problem because its out of your control! I find it quite comical when I hear people ranting about something someone else did, but why waste your time when you cant control people? Everyday as I grow I’m learning more about myself and other people, and I’m just done wasting my energy on nonsense other people bring. I don’t have time to hold grudges, or be worried about people I “think”  riding for me! If this means I have to be my own friend until a quality individual comes along and wows me with her affable energy, and her urbane attitude then so be it! Im building a foundation, and I cant do that if I’m constantly distracting by other peoples problems…

Peace, Love and Positivity🌷💗

Here is the link to the song ‘Female Energy’ by Willow 


The realist,



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